3 Tips for Rethinking Your Resolutions And Making Them Reality

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As we’re in the last week of January, let’s reflect on those resolutions set a few weeks back. Are they forgotten? Are you going strong? If it’s not going as well as you’d like, don’t worry! It’s not too late to get back on track or start.  Let’s rethink those resolutions and make. them. reality. Here’s a few of my favorite tips for rethinking goals, ensuring they’re meaningful and attainable, and making them happen!

Use these 3 tips to rethink your resolutions to make them meaningful and attainable.

1. Ask yourself: are value and passion attached to your goal?

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Rachael’s how-to on setting “non-resolutions”. In six simple steps and under an hour, hone in on what you truly want to develop, challenge, or improve for yourself. Just because everybody and their mother wants to resolve to do the same thing in 2016 doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Maybe it’s to focus on professional development, being a better friend/sibling/partner/parent, or spend more time volunteering. Find out what YOU feel passionate about. Without that initial spark, it’ll be tough to keep going at it all year long.

2. Keep a gratitude journal.

While this may seem juvenile to some, writing down a few things you are thankful for each day can really improve your self-esteem, confidence, and just generally make you feel good. Greg and I recently started a shared gratitude journal and it’s something we both look forward to doing every evening. It’s almost a personal ceremony, allowing you to really hone in on your day and find greatness in the seemingly ordinary. In terms of your resolutions, daily gratitude journaling can be a meaningful way to highlight your daily successes and keep you on track with positivity!

3. Strive for balance.

A goal that makes us feel deprived, militant, or unbalanced isn’t a good thing. Relax! While meeting your resolution is important, recognize when you’ve taken it too far. Skipping a friend’s birthday because you don’t want to be tempted by the birthday cake and cocktails isn’t healthy in many ways – for your sanity and your relationship. A big part of achieving goals is allowing ourselves to celebrate the smaller milestones. If you feel that you’re swinging too far to the other side, feeling too lackadaisical or unmotivated about sticking to your action plan, keep in mind every meal and every movement presents a new opportunity to get back on track. Maybe you over indulged at lunch AND skipped your workout class today – don’t let that ruin your confidence or the rest of your day. Take a deep breath, acknowledge your feelings (whether positive or negative) and seek out the next opportunity (dinner?!) to get back on track.

I hope these tips help you where you’re at! Everyone’s wellness journey looks and feel different, but we are all capable of achieving big things! Don’t let the pitfalls keep you down and don’t let your negative inner voice (we all have one) keep you from attaining what it is you want. You are worth it!

xo Dianna

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