What I Hope to Learn at Blog Brûlée

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Disclosure: My attendance at the Blog Brûlée is/was partially funded by Sponsors of the Blog Brûlée and I received a discounted registration to the event in exchange for writing this post. Opinions expressed are my own. I was not compensated for my time.” 

September has been a whirlwind of a month! Between interviews, wedding plans (29 days to go!), grad school, and consulting work, my days have been jam-packed. Honestly, it feels nice to wake up and have a reason to get out of my pajamas again. I’ll be honest, August was a rough month on that front for many reasons BUT, exciting news today…I’m heading to blog brûlée tomorrow for a weekend away in Vermont with fellow dietitians and health food bloggers to learn more about what we love to do!

PS – the garden is slowly winding down. I’ve eaten my fair share veggies all season. What’s next? Sweet potato harvest in a few weeks. It’s always a sad time of year to see things slowing in harvest and knowing my grocery bill is going to increase in a matter of weeks. Anyone else with me? I’ve been kinda feeling like the ebbs and flow of the garden season is sort of like my blog…busy at times where I can barely keep up with all the awesome content or harvests…and slow and tedious at others.

What I Hope to Learn at Blog Brûlée in Vermont | Chard in Charge | Dietitian Blogger


Some highlights from this weekend are definitely going to be meeting the ladies who founded blog brûlée – Regan Jones, Gretchen Brown, Deanna Segrave-Daly, and Robin Plotkin. These masterminds behind Blog Brûlée have created an awesome line-up of events, speakers, and sponsors and I’m so appreciative of their hard work!

It’s crazy that I haven’t been to New England in nearly 6 years, since I graduated from undergraduate school in Keene, New Hampshire. I can’t wait to fall back in love with the real fall, considering it’s 98 and high humidity still in Kansas City.

While I’m nervous, excited, and still awestruck that I’m actually going…here’s a few things I’m hoping to learn:

  1. How to best prioritize. Let’s face it, you and I both know I’m not the best at consistently posting and that’s clearly a bit of a hangup for this blog. I could use a few pointers from the pros.
  2. SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a big scary concept. I try, but could definitely be doing better to ensure my blog has a greater reach out in the internet world. Thankfully, Katy Widrick will be sharing her expertise on this!
  3. Food Styling and iPhone Photography. This is something I think I’m OK at. Adequate and nothing special. I’d love to step up my blog photography (DSLR) up a notch and get a little more creative with my Instagram. Honestly, I stick to the plain wood table background, maybe a dish towel or pretty utensil, but that’s about it. I teeter the line of simple and boring, natural and skimpy. I’m also a little overdone with the overhead shots and could use some confidence switching up my angles. As a goal this Fall, I’d love to see my insta’ crack 1,000 followers this fall.

Most importantly, I’m excited for the face-to-face interaction and networking with some amazing dietitians, food bloggers and brands out there! There’s about twenty or so of us going to Blog Brûlée. Networking online is great, but putting a face to a name, shaking someone’s hand, and having REAL conversation over a glass of wine can’t be beat.

Cheers to a great weekend and new possibilities ‘set fire’ by Blog Brûlée! I’ll be sharing an ‘after’ post of all the goodies I’ve learned, so stay tuned next week.

xx Dianna

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  1. Aggie

    Really looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you! Excited about fall in Vermont too!! Woo boo! Signed, hot & humid in FL too 😉


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