Welcome to Chard in Charge! I’m a registered dietitian with a passion for all things whole grain, green, and homegrown. I started this blog three years ago to empower and inspire my readers to take charge of their wellness through simple plant-based recipes and evidence-based nutrition information.


They’re exactly what I cook at home: mostly made from plants, seasonal and easy to recreate. I strive to keep my recipes free from fancy terminology or hard-to-find ingredient/tools making them attainable for everyone’s kitchen and budget. I’m all about balance – eating well does not mean deprivation or restriction and I hope my recipes reflect that.



Check out my FAQ page to learn more about me, my experiences, and my favorite kitchen tools. Don’t forget to connect on Linkedin, TwitterInstagram, and Facebook or shoot me an email at chardincharge@gmail.com.

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Disclaimer: While I am a registered and licensed dietitian, this website is meant solely to educate and empower you to live whole and well. I am not a physician and always recommend you consult your primary healthcare provider before making any lifestyle changes. 

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